Nicola Lyons and Elaine Crosse

Nicola and Elaine

Hello, we are Nicola (left – a pharmacist and has years of experience releasing dermatology products across multiple markets) and Elaine (right – 10 years working in the Irish food and drink industry with a focus on dairy), the team behind Bánór. First and foremost, we have been friends for years, but also share a deep appreciation for the land, coming from farming backgrounds in Tipperary. (Nicola is also a qualified farmer!)

Combining our experience and values seemed to simply make sense, and the answer was on our doorstep.

We know that sheep milk is the original super milk because of its naturally unique properties. Elaine’s brothers are the shepherds behind the sheep milk.

We recognise that Ireland is known as the green island, perfect for producing food, so why not skincare. There has been such a focus on traceability, quality and sustainability in the food we eat, we want to bring that to skincare.

Bánór name and logo

Our Name – Bánór

Pronounced “Bawn – oar”

We chose the name to reflect how special we know sheep milk is. “Bán” is the Irish word for white (and the colour of milk), and “Ór” is the word for gold. We truly believe sheep milk is white gold! We decided to use the Irish language so it can always shepherd us back to our roots.

We want to make simple food for the skin using our own white gold.

Thank you for your support.

Nicola & Elaine X
The Skin Shepherdesses

Our Look and Feel

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