Our Location

The sheep are at home in the heart of the Golden Vale in Tipperary near the historic Rock of Cashel. Elaine’s brothers are the shepherds.

We are using a single origin sheep milk.

The Farming Method

Our sheep are reared on a predominantly grass-based diet, which is quite rare across the world. The sheep are free to roam freely in fields. The farm is regularly inspected by government agencies (such as the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia) 

Sheep milk production is by its nature a sustainable production system. The lambs are naturally reared by their mothers and once weaned, the farmer takes the excess milk. 

Sheep used to be known as "the Golden Hoof" for their ability to replenish land by their grazing patterns and how they return organic matter to the soil.

They have a low impact on the ground and on their environment. This is seen in recent studies on sheep milk production that indicate significantly less greenhouse gas emissions and less nutrient leaching in the soil. 

Championing Sheep Milk

While sheep milk is not common in Ireland, it is a growing industry with an opportunity to support small farming families, while bringing environmental benefits to Ireland. We are hoping to do our bit by spreading the sheep milk gospel through the Bánór brand. 

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