Conscious Care

Like a shepherd caring for their sheep, we want to act as a guardian, doing the right thing because we care

We care for:

  • Our Fleece

    – Sheep milk benefits the skin, our protective barrier. We are unlocking the beauty within sheep milk and wool

    – We want to marry science and nature to create simple skincare

    – Staying true to the quality of our hero ingredient (sheep milk), we only use natural ingredients in our formulations

  • Our Footprint

    – We take pride in what we do – that means ensuring the sheep and our products don’t create new problems for the planet

    – We believe that less is more. We want to keep it as simple as possible, life is complicated enough

  • Our Flock

    – We want to bring you (our flock!) a simple and sustainable choice

    – We are heralding the sheep, an animal steeped in heritage 

    – We want to connect people back to the land and support Irish farming